Office Toys

Not all of the Museum’s treasures are locked safely in the art storage vaults. There are other “wonderful things,” to use the famous words of Egyptologist Howard Carter, that our team curates for their offices.

Bryon Chambers, Manager of Tours and Adult Learning, keeps his toys hidden, but will gladly bring them out upon request. The action figure of Star Trek Admiral James Kirk keeps company with Groot Guardians of the Galaxy. The nerf ball gets tossed around the hallway just before exhibitions open.


Bryon Chambers with James Kirk and Groot.

Maury Ford is the Registrar and is responsible for well being of the Museum’s collection. His Lego “Museum Break-in” was a Christmas present from his wife and daughter.


Maury Ford with his museum lego set.


Michelle Lory, Executive Project Manager, recently returned from an employee engagement seminar at Disney Institute in Orlando. Accompanying her home to Oklahoma were the Disney characters Buzz Light Year, Tinkerbell, Mulan, and Belle.


Michelle Lory with her Disney characters.


Personally, I like Japanese mechanical robots.


Mechanical robots working behind the scenes in my office.