Buckminster Fuller:


Buckminster Fuller: Tetrascroll features works from the Museum’s collection by the artist, who was also considered a utopian philosopher and social theorist, designer and architect, as well as mathematician, teacher, populist, and writer. Ten prints from the artist’s Synergetics Folio as well as his twenty-six-page, forty-three foot long  illustrated book, Tetrascroll are on view.

R. Buckminster Fuller (American, 1895-1983) spent his prolific career offering new perspectives to global challenges. He was deeply interested in the intersection of design and technology and its potential to improve the quality of human existence. Fuller is also known for his geodesic dome structures, which were constructed throughout the United States, including Oklahoma City. The design for the geodesic dome drew upon what Fuller termed “synergetics,” which is expounded upon in his writings and illustrated in the Synergetics Folio.

Using the tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears as the narrative structure,Tetrascroll was printed at Universal Limited Art Editions and commemorates Fuller’s 80th birthday. He maintained that the tetrahedron, a four-sided, geometric shape made completely of triangles, is a basic structure of the universe. The tetrahedron is fundamental to the construction of the geodesic dome and can be seen in the design for Tetrascroll, as the title suggests.