Dragon Inn

New 4K Restoration

Thursday, August 11 | 5:30 & 8 pm

Selected one of the ten greatest Chinese-language films of all time in a 2011 survey of critics, programmers, and industry professionals, Dragon Inn ranks among the major landmarks of the wuxia (ancient martial arts) genre. After beheading his rival General Yu, Cao, the leader of the all-eunuch East Espionage Chamber, plots to kill Yu’s children. Cao dispatches his officers to the Dragon Gate Inn, where they will lie in wait. Meanwhile, wandering swordsman Xiao, innkeeper Wu, and a brother-sister martial-arts duo all arrive at the same remote desert locale—with designs on saving the children. Filled with exhilarating sequences of hand-to-hand combat, King Hu’s widescreen color classic returns to the big screen in a beautifully restored, 4K digital transfer, created from the film’s original negative.

Director King Hu 1967 Taiwan 111 minutes NR DCP

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