J’entends plus la guitare (I Can No Longer Hear the Guitar):

The Autobiographical Cinema of Philippe Garrel

Thursday, January 11 | 8 pm

Dedicated to filmmaker Philippe Garrel’s former longtime girlfriend, Nico, the famed Warhol superstar and Velvet Underground collaborator who died in 1988 at age 49, J’entends plus la guitare explores the life of a couple over a number of years—during and then after their long love affair. Johanna ter Steege plays the film’s fictionalized version of the German singer, while Benoît Régent is a stand-in for Garrel, who over the course of the film starts a family with Brigitte Sy’s Aline. As one might expect from Garrel, France’s most unabashedly autobiographical director, Sy was also the director’s real-life wife and the mother of his children, before they later separated (as Régent’s and Sy’s characters will as well). More than anything, though, this is a film about the director’s great love affair, and about the ceaseless and unrelenting passage of time. Garrel’s ode to Nico is one of his masterpieces.

Director Philippe Garrel | 1991 | In French with English subtitles | 98 minutes | NR | 35mm

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