Les Cowboys

Friday, July 15 | 5:30 pm

Les Cowboys opens at a country music festival in 1994, somewhere in rural France. Sporting a cowboy hat, boots, and a denim jacket, Alain (François Damiens) is prevailed upon to perform his thickly accented version of “Tennessee Waltz” on stage. He then dances with his grinning teenage daughter, who will disappear before the afternoon is over. Proceeding from the initial mystery of the teenager’s disappearance, Les Cowboys emerges as a multi-generational, European reimaging of John Ford’s The Searchers, in the years surrounding the September 11th attacks. John C. Reilly (Step Brothers) makes a dramatic cameo as a black marketer known as “L’Américain” in this Islamic terrorist-themed neo-Western.

Director Thomas Bidegain 2015 France 104 minutes NR DCP

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