Museum Films Presents “Archived Education: Forgotten Films for the Classroom”

This program is free and open to the public

Friday, January 19 | 3 pm

Museum Films presents a special selection from its own 16mm film collection. Built by the donations of universities and individual educators from around the state, the collection contains hundreds of reels, ranging from acclaimed classic features to independent animated shorts. Perhaps the most unique feature of the collection, however, is its trove of educational films. While titles like Casablanca and Metropolis have been beautifully restored and repeatedly pulled out of archives for exhibition, films of the ephemeral or educational genre often remain on archives’ shelves, slowly deteriorating in their cans.

Brought direct from our vault, Museum Films is proud to bring to light these hidden gems: creative teaching tools preserved in a dying medium.

This program has been curated by Julia Witcher, graduate student in the University of Amsterdam’s Preservation and Presentation of the Moving Image MA program


Discovering Composition in Art | Distributed by Film Associates of California | 1979 | English | 16 minutes | NR | 16mm | Color
Rembrandt van Rijn: A Self-Portrait | Distributed by Encyclopædia Britannica Films | 1954 | English | 27 minutes | NR | 16mm | Color
Inside-Out: Arts in Corrections | Distributed by Hinton Productions | 1983 | English | 12 minutes | NR | 16mm | Color
Why Man Creates | Distributed by Pyramid Films | 1968 | English | 25 minutes | NR | 16mm | Color