The Darjeeling Limited

A Very Wes Anderson Christmas

Thursday, December 29 | 8 pm

 Setting off on a spiritual journey that doesn’t quite “pan out,” three estranged brothers—played by Adrien Brody, and Wes Anderson regulars, Jason Schwartzman and Owen Wilson—struggle to reconnect on the Darjeeling Limited, a fictional, long-distance passenger train that transects the Indian subcontinent. Along the way, and across a series of picturesque locations that culminate in the snowy Himalayas, Anderson fills his exquisitely art-directed funereal comedy with local color, while a pitch-perfect combination of garage rock and Ravi Shankar dominates the soundtrack. What results is one of the director’s more archetypal tales of familial crisis and perseverance, as well as one of his most moving (when one considers Wilson’s own unsuccessful suicide attempt that same year). One of Anderson’s most cinematically self-aware works, The Darjeeling Limited is a very strong candidate for the director’s most underappreciated.

Director Wes Anderson 2007 United States 91 minutes R (for language) DCP

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