Museum Films is partnering with Magnolia to deliver the best of new world cinema straight to your living room! We’re pleased to share Sundance hit Amulet, a phantasmagoric, feminist horror fable about a former soldier who takes a job as a caretaker in the crumbling home of mysterious mother and daughter. 

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Amulet follows Tomaz (Alec Secareanu), a former soldier who is left homeless after an accident and takes refuge in the decaying home of Magda (Carla Juri), a lonely young woman in desperate need of help as she cares for her ailing mother. At first hesitant, Magda soon welcomes Tomaz into their lives. But as he gets closer to and begins to fall for Magda, Tomaz notices strange and unexplainable phenomena. Something seems very wrong with the mysterious old woman who never leaves the top floor, and Tomaz begins to suspect that Magda may in fact be a prisoner to her otherworldly bidding.

The feature directorial debut of  award-winning British actress Romola Garai, Amulet is a hauntingly assured work constructed with frightening momentum. With crackling performances from incredible actors ratcheted to a simmering tension, Garai’s confidently intuitive eye builds a profoundly restrained dread as she unleashes a phantasmagorical nightmare seething with imagination and purpose. Approaching folklore with a fiery spirit, Amulet propels a terrifying morality tale into the realm of high art.” -Sundance Film Festival

Director  Romola Garai | 2020 | In English | 99 minutes | R (for some strong violence, bloody images, a sexual assault, and brief language and nudity) 

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