Elliott Erwitt: Silence Sounds Good:

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Museum Films is partnering with Cargo Film and Releasing to deliver the best of new world cinema straight to your living room! We’re pleased to share Elliott Erwitt: Silence Sounds Good, a captivating documentary portrait of the pioneering photographer, whose work has been exhibited at OKCMOA. 

The feature is preceded by bonus short film One Thousand Stories: The Making of a Mural, which follows famed contemporary artist JR (Faces Places) as he creates a new large-scale piece for the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.   

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“Elliott Erwitt has spent his entire adult life taking photographs, of presidents, popes and movie stars, as well as regular people and their pets. The acclaimed photographer seemed to be everywhere in his heyday – from meetings with John F Kennedy to public speeches by Che Guevara and studio sessions with Marilyn Monroe. While his work is iconic in world culture, his life is largely unknown. In Elliott Erwitt: Silence Sounds Good, director Adriana Lopez Sanfeliu, Erwitt’s former assistant, creates an affectionate and beautifully crafted portrait of Erwitt’s extraordinary life in art. 

When they met by chance, Elliott was heartbroken over a dog and Adriana was looking to start a career in photography. He asked her to serve as his camera assistant for an assignment in Tokyo, which led to five years of traveling together around the world. In 2015, when the U.S. embargo against Cuba was lifted, Adriana and Elliott planned one last road trip to see the country he last documented in 1964. His  work in Cuba would inspire a new book project and lead to an unlikely companion for Elliott, a puppy named Canelo on a tobacco farm in the Cuban countryside.” -Cargo Film and Releasing 

Click here to view a selection of Elliott Erwitt’s photographs.

One Thousand Stories: The Making of a Mural 

Director  Tasha Van Zandt | 2019 | In English | 15 minutes | NR

Elliott Erwitt: Silence Sounds Good

Director Adriana Lopez Sanfeliu | 2019 | In English | 62 minutes | NR

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