Museum Films is partnering with KimStim to deliver the best of new world cinema straight to your living room! We’re pleased master Czech animator Jan Švankmajer’s visionary re-imagining of the Faust legend.  

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Czech animator-extraordinaire Jan Švankmajer reinterprets the Faustian fable of temptation and damnation in his acclaimed follow-up to Alice, his celebrated 1988 adaptation of Lewis Carroll. Mingling Marlowe, Goethe and ancient folktales, Faust begins on the streets of Prague as a lonely Czech businessman accepts a mysterious map upon exiting the subway. Intrigued, he follows the map to a seemingly abandoned puppet theater and finds himself drawn into an infernal pact with sinister forces. A visually fantastic combination of live-action, claymation, puppetry, and stop-motion animation, Faust creates an unsettling universe presided over by diabolic life-size marionettes and haunted by sinister human messengers from the underworld.

Director  Jan Švankmajer | 1994 | In Czech and Latin with English subtitles | 97 minutes | NR (Parental discretion advised)  

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