Remembering Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 1933-2020

In celebration of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s extraordinary life and legacy, Museum Films is partnering with Magnolia Pictures to make the inspiring, Oscar-nominated biographical portrait, RBG, available to purchase for at-home viewing through our virtual cinema. Included with the documentary is an exclusive interview with directors Julie Cohen and Betsy West, filmed earlier this year. Magnolia Pictures will donate a portion of all sales to the ACLU Women’s Rights Project, co-founded by Justice Ginsburg in 1972.

RBG is available to buy for $6.99 (unlimited views; no expiration date). A portion of each sale supports OKCMOA and its mission. Click here to purchase.  

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One of the breakout successes of the 2018 Sundance Film Festival, RBG traces Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s remarkable rise, from her earliest days in Brooklyn to the highest court in the land. An icon among 1970s-era Feminists and “woke” Millennials alike, and an enemy to many on the political Right, the Justice Ginsburg that emerges in RBG is unexpectedly gentle and soft-spoken—given the fame (or infamy) of her scathing minority opinions. “The Notorious RBG,” as she has been dubbed by her younger fans, was both a fierce advocate for workplace equality and women’s rights, and a close friend to her fellow opera-loving Supreme Court justice, Antonin Scalia. Justice Ginsburg was also a very devoted wife for many years, finding extraordinary personal and professional support in her doting attorney husband, Martin Ginsburg. Making great use of archival documentary footage and interviews with everyone from Gloria Steinem to Orrin Hatch, RBG provides a robust and funny portrait of the still-vigorous Ginsburg as she approaches a quarter century on the court.

Directors Julie Cohen and Betsy West | 2018 | In English | 97 minutes | PG (for some thematic elements and language)

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