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Anna (Nina Hoss, Phoenix) is a stern and fiercely dedicated violin teacher at a high school for musicians in Berlin. At her school’s annual entrance exam, Anna disregards the opposition of her fellow teachers and pushes for the admission of Alexander, a boy in whom she detects a remarkable talent. Anna is convinced that greatness comes from struggle and nothing is ever good enough—something she herself was taught at a young age.

Committed to preparing Alexander for an upcoming exam, she spends more and more time at work, while falling deeper into an extramarital affair with her colleague Christian (Jens Albinus). Anna’s absence puts increasing strain on her relationship with with her French violin-maker husband, Philippe (Simon Abkarian), and her ten-year old son Jonas who is frequently placed in competition with her star pupil. As Alexander’s audition approaches, rising tensions culminate in a tragic outcome. Writer-director and acclaimed actress Ina Weisse structures her assured second feature around Hoss’s award-winning central performance, resulting in a subtle, forceful, and meticulously arranged visual concerto. Gracefully balancing crescendos, cacophonies, and silences, The Audition is a study of the relationships we inhabit, and our inability to accept each other for who we are, as opposed to who we could be.

Director  Ina Weisse | 2019 | In French and German with English subtitles | 90 minutes | NR (parental discretion advised) 

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