We Are Little Zombies:

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Museum Films is partnering with Oscilloscope Labs to deliver the best of new world cinema straight to your living room! We’re pleased to share Sundance award-winner We Are Little Zombies, an eye-popping, video-game inspired fable about four Japanese orphans who start a legendary band.   

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“One sunny day, four young strangers—Hikari, Ikuko, Ishi, and Takemura—meet by chance at a crematorium. They have all recently lost their parents, but none of them can shed a tear. They are like zombies, devoid of all emotion. Alone in the world at 13 years old with no future, no dreams, and no way to move forward, our protagonists dress themselves in scraps from a garbage dump, track down musical instruments, and decide to form a band and conquer the world. They call themselves LITTLE ZOMBIES. This is a story about their quest to retrieve their ability to feel.

Winner of a Special Crystal Bear at the 2019 Berlin Film Festival and the 2019 Sundance Festival’s Grand Jury Prize for World Cinema, Makoto Nagahisa’s feature-length directorial is debut bursting with hyper pop style and unbridled imagination. Mixing inspiration from film, television, music, and, most importantly, video games, Nagahisa dazzles with a myriad of cinematic tricks, and he pushes his script in zany directions while never losing sight of its sympathetic exploration of grief and loss.” -Sundance Film Fest

Director  Makoto Nagahisa | 2019 | In Japanese with English subtitles | 120 minutes | NR (parental discretion advised) 

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