Film Society FAQ

OKCMOA wants Film Society membership to be as simple as possible for new and current members. We hope these answers to common questions help you with your decision to be part of this new and exciting film community in OKC!

What is Film Society?
Film Society is an enhancement to your annual membership at the Museum. Film Society is a film-focused group open to OKCMOA members offering exclusive access to events with filmmakers, special screenings, curator led discussions and more. Learn more here.

Can I have multiple enhancements on one membership?
Yes! You can choose to upgrade your annual membership, at any level, with one or both enhancements currently offered at the Museum. Available enhancements are the OKCMOA Moderns group and OKCMOA Film Society, each at a separate fee in addition to your base annual membership fee. See each page for list of benefits and details.

How do I sign up to be a Film Society Member?
Memberships, including enhancements, may be purchased online, in person at the Museum, or over the phone at (405) 278-8207

If I am a current member, how do I sign up?
If you currently have an active membership with OKCMOA, you may upgrade your membership in person at the Museum or over the phone at (405) 278-8207. There is currently not a way to upgrade your membership mid-cycle on our website. If your membership has expired, you may renew online as a Film Society member, in person at the Museum, or by calling our membership office at the number listed above.

Does Film Society membership allow free admission to OKCMOA Films?
Film Society members get free admission to quarterly Film Society events and screenings, and in your welcome packet you will receive two complimentary film ticket vouchers. All other Museum films will be offered at the regular membership discount price of $5.

If I am a Dual member or above, do the Film Society benefits apply to both of the members covered by my annual membership at the cost of $40?
Yes! The annual fee for your Film Society enhancement is $40 regardless of any OKCMOA membership level. If your annual membership with the Museum allows multiple members, any purchased enhancement applies to all members covered.