Film Society Critic’s Choice Event: The Mule

Join Brandy McDonnell, Features Entertainment Reporter and film critic for The Oklahoman, and Michael J. Anderson, OKCMOA’s Director of Curatorial Affairs, for an exclusive screening and post-film discussion of one of their favorite films of 2018: Clint Eastwood’s late-period masterpiece, The Mule. 

This event is free and open to Film Society members only.

Event Details:

6 pm: Reception for Film Society members | Mezzanine Level
6:30 pm: Screening of The Mule, followed by a discussion with Brandy McDonnell and Michael J. Anderson.



About The Mule

This story of Eastwood as an unlikely drug mule is, in equal measure, a sharp and self-critical confessional and a relaxed (in every sense) road movie. The Mule finds the aged auteur grappling with his conspicuous physical frailty, and his recognition of his failures as a husband and a father. This latter subject is by no means new territory for Eastwood—who acts alongside his real-life daughter Alison in The Mule—nor is the cross-cut chase structure that harkens back to the films of Alfred Hitchcock and to the director’s own masterpiece, A Perfect World (1993). Eastwood’s extraordinarily personal latest also reveals the actor-director in the role of mentor to first-time 2018 director Bradley Cooper (A Star Is Born), who co-stars as a DEA agent hot on the elderly criminal’s trail.
Director Clint Eastwood | 2018 | In English | 116 minutes | R (for language throughout and brief sexuality/nudity) | DCP 
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