OKCMOA Film Society Presents: “PlayTime at 50”

Join us Wednesday, October 11 for a special reception, screening, and discussion in honor of the fiftieth anniversary of Jacques Tati’s comic masterpiece, PlayTime.

This event is free and open to Film Society Members only.

Event Details:

6:15 pm: Reception for Film Society Members | Theater Lobby
7:00 pm: PlayTime will be presented on a newly restored 4K digital print, and will feature an extended discussion led by Dr. Anderson.

Director of Curatorial Affairs, Michael J. Anderson, PhD, will consider the incredible formal mastery, groundbreaking audiovisual experimentation, and rich thematic meanings of a film that brilliantly disassembles the Modernist project that dominated both art cinema and architecture at the time of the film’s release. Created with an enormous budget that supported the building of a city-sized set, dubbed “Tativille,” on the outskirts of Paris, PlayTime financially destroyed the great comedian-director (of Mr. Hulot’s Holiday and Mon Oncle fame), and proved a massive commercial failure. Today this comparatively wordless, consummate reimagining of the silent comedy of Chaplin and Keaton is universally recognized as one of the landmark achievements of twentieth century cinema.

PlayTime (1967)

Director Jacques Tati | 1967 | In English, French, and German | 115 minutes | NR | 4K DCP

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