Scarred Hearts

One Night Only! 

Thursday, August 23 | 5:30 & 8:30 pm

Bedridden as tuberculosis tears through his body, Emanuel spends his days and nights in a seaside Black Sea sanitarium during the summer of 1937. In between the painful spinal punctures that he receives as his treatment, the young Jewish intellectual reads and writes, drinks and smokes, and engages his fellow patients in lively political conversations about the rise of Adolf Hitler, and fascism both at home in Romania and abroad. He also forges a romantic bond with an attractive nurse and attempts to couple physically with another patient in a full body cast—to hilariously painful results. An international prize-winner from the Romanian New Wave’s most versatile director, Radu Jude, Scarred Hearts brilliantly combines its absurdist sense of humor with its matter-of-fact presentation of a young twenty-something suffering from terminal illness—all as the director’s camera fixates on Emanuel, in a series of static compositions, lying immobile on his hospital cot.

Director Radu Jude | 2016 | In Romanian with English subtitles | 141 minutes | NR (contains some mature content; may not be suitable for younger viewers) | DCP 

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