The Shop Around the Corner

Free holiday screening! Tickets and seating are first-come first-served only

Thursday, December 8 | 8 pm

It’s Christmas time in Budapest, and all the employees of Mr. Matuschek’s leather-goods store are looking forward to a brisk season. An in-store rivalry is born when new shop girl Klara Novak (Margaret Sullivan) outsells seasoned clerk Arthur Kralik (Jimmy Stewart). However, Klara and Arthur soon discover that they have more in common than they thought as Christmas Eve approaches. Effortlessly balancing the effervescent wit and delicate romantic melancholy that epitomizes the Lubitsch touch, The Shop Around the Corner is filled with exquisite visual details that evoke a prewar world of warmth and sophistication. Buoyed by Sullivan’s and Stewart’s sparkling romantic chemistry, this under-the-radar Christmas classic—which was later remade as You’ve Got Mail— is one of the best romantic comedies of all time, not to mention one of Lubitsch’s finest films.

Director Ernst Lubitsch 1940 USA 99 minutes NR DVD