The Search:

Two From Tibet

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Thursday, November 14 | 5:30 pm

A director, his assistant, and a businessman drive through the Amdo region of Tibet, scouring small villages to find actors for their adaptation of the namthar of Drime Kunden, an opera traditionally performed for the Tibetan New Year, that tells the story of a prince – an early incarnation of Buddha – who gives away all his possessions, his wife and children, and even his own eyes. Driving through the country’s stunning landscapes, the crew meets frustration in their search for actors who can live up to the legendary roles. They find that while many of the traditions they would like to film have persisted, others are disappearing. Directed by Pema Tseden, China’s first Tibetan-language filmmaker, The Search reveals a contemporary Tibet where the ancient and the modern co-exist.

Director Pema Tseden | 2009 | In Tibetan with English subtitles | 117 minutes | PG | DCP

Trailer for The Search (Xunzhao zhimei gengdeng) on TrailerAddict.

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