The Workshop:

French Film Week

Saturday, July 14 | 8 pm

Set in the beautiful but declining port city of La Ciotat, Laurent Cantet’s (The Class) The Workshop is a sophisticated literary thriller about modern French class dynamics, the destabilizing power of words, and the hazy boundary between violent fantasy and reality. The film follows working-class French student Antoine, who has been selected for a crime novel workshop led by well-known Parisian author, Olivia Dejazet. Smart, arrogant, and reactionary, Antoine quickly alienates the more optimistic, politically engaged members of the workshop, while Olivia finds herself fascinated and unsettled by his provocative prose and defiant attitude. Directed with cool assurance and a palpable sense of place from a nuanced, character-driven script by Robin Campillo—the acclaimed writer-director of BPM (Beats Per minute)The Workshop is a gripping and timely character study of a young man on the edge.

Director Laurent Cantet | 2017 | In French with English subtitles | 113 minutes | NR | DCP


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