An Amazing Year of Art Experiences

As we welcome a new year, now is the ideal time for me to reflect on some of my most memorable art experiences of 2014. It was a year in which I saw exciting exhibitions and memorable works of art, magnificent architecture, and evocative—sometimes disturbing—places. Many of the artworks I encountered felt like old friends… Read More

Our Many Generations: Reflections on Chinese Contemporary Artists

During my recent trip to China, I had the opportunity to see a staggering diversity of art and meet quite a few artists in addition to museum colleagues. To say that its contemporary art scene is exciting is an understatement. During my two week stay, I went to openings, met galleriests and paid studio visits… Read More

Coming to You from China

As promised, this blog post is coming to you from China—the bullet train from Shanghai to Beijing, to be exact. I’m a seasoned world traveller, but this was little preparation for China. It’s vast scale and the mixture of ancient with state of the art and the blend of communism with capitalism are mind-boggling. So,… Read More

Talking About “My Generation”: Thoughts On China’s Young Artists

About a year ago, I was chatting with my friend and colleague, Todd Smith, who mentioned he was organizing an exhibition of contemporary Chinese art. He told me the artists selected for this exhibition were young—all having come of age in the post-cultural revolution era, are products of the “one-child” policy, and during the economic,… Read More

The Moderns and the OKCMOA: The Moderns and the OKCMOA

The Oklahoma City Museum of Art is becoming more modern! I’m not referring to our great collection of modern and contemporary art, but a dynamic group of young patrons who are committed to supporting the Museum. For over a year, we’ve had an outstanding group of young professionals and Museum staff working on the plan… Read More

President’s Blog: Buddha, Ganesha, and the Marvelous Sugar Baby

Great works of art have the power to transport us to another time and place. In particular, ancient art is imbued with the cosmological and political codes of societies long vanished, rendering—to modern eyes, at least—objects that are exotic and mysterious. The same can be true of contemporary art. If we spend time contemplating great… Read More

President’s Blog: For Those Who Serve

I’ve discovered some similarities between Monterey, California and Oklahoma City—and some surprising connections between the military and art. I have had the good fortune to live and work in two military towns—Monterey, California and, now, Oklahoma City. Monterey is a small seaside town whose economy was historically centered around fishing—initially whaling and later sardines—while our… Read More

President’s Blog: Art and Architecture

Dear OKCMOA Members and Friends: I hope you enjoy reading my new blog. In regular updates, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on art, architecture, and a variety of other topics that come my way. Thank you for reading and for your support of the Oklahoma City Museum of Art. As we move into a new… Read More