Virtual OKCMOA

Let’s get this out of the way first: a virtual experience of any art museum is no replacement for the in-person experience. There is no replacement for standing in front of a great work of art, spending time in its presence, seeing what the artist saw. Unfortunately, it is an experience that has been put on hold for now, along with so many other things, both cultural and social, that make our lives richer.

So, while we cannot fully replicate what makes museums so essential at this time, we at OKCMOA still want to provide you with a virtual experience of the Museum and its mission—to enrich lives through the visual arts. As we all participate in social distancing, as we telecommute and even as we self-quarantine, OKCMOA will provide deeper dives into the community’s permanent collection in both long-form blog posts and videos. We will present weekly updates to our popular Museum Films blog, focusing on at-home screening options and new films that will be coming soon to the Noble Theater. We will offer at-home educational activities as parents across our community begin to home school in unprecedented numbers. We will furnish introductions to our community’s most exciting working artists. Finally, beginning tomorrow, we will join the #MuseumMomentofZen campaign, which provides “a few deep breaths and [the opportunity to] meditate if you’re feeling overwhelmed.”

Though nothing is ideal at the moment, all of us at OKCMOA welcome this opportunity to communicate with you in the days and weeks ahead, to foster your love and enjoyment of the visual arts in whatever ways we can. We will be posting Wednesday through Sunday—on those days we normally would be open to the public.

Most of all, we look forward to welcoming you back when the time comes, giving you access to that essential in-person experience and to opportunities to socialize with others in our community who share your passions.

-Michael J. Anderson, PhD
President & CEO