En el Séptimo Día (On the Seventh Day)

Saturday, August 11 | 8 pm  

Sunday, August 12 | 5:30 pm

Darting through city traffic and gliding across rain-soaked blacktop, José expertly navigates Brooklyn by bicycle as he works tirelessly as a restaurant delivery man. With dreams of bringing his pregnant wife to America, José shares a crowded New York apartment with a group of fellow undocumented immigrants who work similarly long hours—and who, like José, live for their Sunday soccer matches. When José’s boss insists that he cover a shift on his day off—which happens to conflict with his team’s championship game—the team captain and star must decide whether he is willing to risk everything out of his sense of loyalty, and his love for playing his home country of Mexico’s national sport. Deeply humanistic and very of the moment, En el Séptimo Día (On the Seventh Day) makes beautifully visible a world that is seen by many only in passing, in glimpses of a construction site or in brief interactions with a bicycle delivery man. It is a film of exemplary realism and reality for many others, shot on location in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park, Gowanus, and Park Slope neighborhoods.

Director Jim McKay | 2017 | In Spanish and English with Spanish and English subtitles | 92 minutes | NR | DCP 

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