Hale County This Morning, This Evening:

Documenting America

Thursday, October 4 | 8 pm

Sunday, October 7 | 5:30 pm

Winner of the Sundance Film Festival’s Special Jury Prize, Hale County This Morning, This Evening is an inspired and intimate portrait of a place and its people. The film follows Daniel Collins and Quincy Bryant, two young African American men from rural Hale County, Alabama, over the course of five years, as Collins attends college in search of opportunity, while Bryant becomes a father to an energetic son. In his stunning directorial debut, acclaimed photographer RaMell Ross adopts an open-ended, poetic form that privileges the small, patiently observed details of everyday life. With a lyrical beauty reminiscent of Terrence Malick’s fiction features, Hale County This Morning, This Evening invites the audience to experience the mundane and monumental, birth and death, the quotidian and the sublime. These moments combine to communicate the region’s deep culture and provide glimpses of the complex ways the African American community’s collective image is integrated into America’s visual imagination.

Director RaMell Ross | 2018 | In English | 76 minutes | NR | DCP

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