Hollywood or Bust:

Bachelors and Bombshells: Six Films by Frank Tashlin

Sunday, June 18 | 5:30 pm

In this, the final screen pairing of legendary comic duo Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, Lewis’s Malcolm wins a brand new convertible in a raffle—but is only awarded a share when Martin’s Steve, a degenerate gambler, stakes his own claim. Malcolm and Steve agree to set off on a cross-country road trip—with Steve plotting to steal the vehicle, and Malcolm dreaming of meeting blonde-bombshell Anita Ekberg (La Dolce Vita). Steve’s scheme begins to change when they pick up Terry (Pat Crowley), an aspiring dancer with her sights set on Las Vegas. Malcolm and Ekberg’s paths will soon cross, in Sin City, before an impulsive act by Malcolm leads the travelers to head to Paramount studios in Hollywood for hilarious, behind-the-scenes hijinks on the studio’s backlot. A classic send-up of the movie industry, Hollywood or Bust was anything but pleasurable for the film’s actors: Martin and Lewis refused to speak to each other off camera during the entire length of the production.

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Director Frank Tashlin 1956 In English 95 minutes NR DVD

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