Ramen Shop

Friday, April 26 | 5:30 pm 

Saturday, April 27 | 8:30 pm 

Sunday, April 28 | 2 pm

A worthy successor to Jûzô Itami’s TampopoRamen Shop—which premiered in the 2018 Berlin Film Festival’s Culinary Cinema sidebar—follows young ramen chef Masato (Takumi Saito) as he travels from his home in Japan to his deceased mother’s native Singapore, in hopes of reconnecting with his estranged grandmother and learning to recreate his favorite childhood dishes. Arriving in Singapore, he befriends food blogger Miki—played by 80s pop idol Seiko Matsuda—who takes him on a delectable tour of the vibrant culinary scene. Masato also tracks down his uncle Ah Wee, who teaches him the secret of his famed pork rib soup and offers him insights into his star-crossed family history. Brimming with mouthwatering cinematography and fascinating culinary lore, Ramen Shop is an instant-classic food movie, a poignant cross-cultural reunion drama, and a heartwarming tribute to the healing power of family recipes.

Director Eric Khoo | 2018 | In English and Japanese and Mandarin with English subtitles | 89 minutes | NR | DCP 


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