Rendezvous in July:

Jacques Becker's Parisian Youth Trilogy

Thursday, November 8 | 8 pm

The centerpiece of director Jacques Becker’s “Youth Trilogy,” the serio-comic Rendezvous in July follows a closely-knit group of young Parisians as they struggle with life and love in the liberated French capital. Lucien loves Nicole and Roger loves Thérèse, but all is not so simple in this mosaic portrait of their disparaged and misunderstood, jazz-loving generation. Becker takes his narrative cues from the film’s on-screen jazz performances, creating an open and loose structure that riffs on its Parisian setting as much as it does his free-spirited characters’ personal lives. Newly restored and just now receiving an official U.S. release, Rendezvous in July was an essential precursor to France’s legendary New Wave movement—made a full decade before its watershed year of 1959.

Director Jacques Becker | 1949 | In French with English subtitles | 112 minutes | NR | DCP 

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