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Thursday, September 26 | 7:30 pm

Set in Argentina during the mid-1970s—a turbulent time marked by repressive military dictatorship; the “Dirty War;” and widespread, politically motivated disappearances—Benjamín Naishtat’s hypnotic drama follows a successful lawyer whose picture-perfect existence begins to unravel in the wake of an unsettling confrontation. Claudio is a middle-aged, happily married attorney with a comfortable life in a deceptively placid small town. One night he enters a restaurant where he is verbally attacked by a mysterious stranger, who is humiliated and thrown out. Later that night, a second, more violent, meeting between the two men sends Claudio down a dark path of secrets and silence that arouses the suspicions of a famous Chilean private detective. Marked by foreboding long-takes and elegant compositions, Rojo is spellbinding slow-burn thriller, a subtle dissection of Argentina’s violent political history, and a powerful meditation on the corrosive effects of unchecked privilege.

Director Benjamín Naishtat | 2018 | In Spanish with English subtitles | 109 minutes | NR | DCP

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