Secrets of Sicilian Arancini Balls:

Virtual Class

Meet one of Southern Italy’s most revered street foods, the arancina or rice ball. The Arabs introduced or reintroduced rice to Sicily in the 10th century and arancini (rice balls) are one of many Southern Italian foods inspired by Arab agriculture and cuisine. While they are Sicilian in origin, they have become popular throughout Southern Italy and no Neapolitan pizzeria would consider not offering these delectable deep-fried balls of rice and cheese on their menu. In this hands-on conversation, you will learn how to prepare this delicious snack. Led by food historian, sommelier and home cook Gina Tringali, this interactive lesson will have you making arancini like an expert.

Member tickets go on sale Thursday, November 12 at 10 am. Non-member tickets go on sale on Thursday, November 19 at 10 am. Price includes class and one adult admission to the Painters of Pompeii exhibition.

This class is offered through a partnership between OKCMOA and Context Travel, a company offering small-group immersive cultural and historical tours, and online seminars and courses led by Ph.D. and MA-level scholars. For tours, click here. For online seminars, click here.

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