The Big Lebowski

Please note: The Big Lebowski will be presented on DCP, not 35mm as the print calendar states

Coen Brother Noir

Saturday, July 30 | 8 pm

Among the Coen Brothers’ most singular and beloved films, in the 18 years following its modest commercial release, The Big Lebowski has cemented its reputation as a modern cult classic. One part slacker comedy, one part philosophical mystery, the film was loosely inspired by the byzantine pulp fiction of Raymond Chandler (The Big Sleep). Set in Los Angeles in the waning days of the first Gulf War, it follows Jeff Lebowski (Jeff Bridges), a.k.a. “The Dude,” an unflappable connoisseur of robes and White Russians, whose routine is disrupted by a serious case of mistaken identity and the loss of a rug that really tied the room together. Determined to put things right, The Dude and his bowling team find themselves drawn into a web of intrigue masterminded by German nihilists, pornographers, and radical feminist performance artists.

Director Joel Coen 1998 USA/UK 117 minutes R DCP

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