The Freshmen:

French Film Week

Special Preview Screening

Friday, July 12 | 8 pm

The latest from French Film Week favorite Thomas Lilti (The Country Doctor), The Freshmen is a charming buddy comedy set inside the high-stakes world of fledgling French medical students. Idealistic Antoine (Vincent Lacoste) refuses to give up his life-long dream of becoming a doctor, despite being left back twice. Just out of high school, laid-back Benjamin (William Lebghil) hopes to impress his aloof surgeon father by following in his footsteps. Teaming up to face a daunting series of exams, Antoine and Benjamin become fast friends amidst a blur of library visits, dining-hall dinners, and late-night cram sessions. But as finals approach, their loyalty and commitment are tested when they find themselves competing for a small number of places in their specialty. Boasting charismatic performances from Lebghil and Lacoste, The Freshmen is a hilarious and unexpectedly moving mediation on youthful ambition, camaraderie and finding your true calling.  We’re proud to screen The Freshmen in advance of its official US release!

Director Thomas Lilti | 2018 | In French with English subtitles | 92 minutes | NR | DCP 


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