The Green Fog:

Spectres of Vertigo

Thursday, April 26 | 5:30 & 8 pm

The latest transmission from the film-addled brain of Canadian auteur Guy Maddin (The Forbidden Room), and collaborators Evan and Galen Johnson, The Green Fog is a hallucinogenic, alternate-universe homage to Hitchcock’s Vertigo, and the city of San Francisco. A wildly inventive “re-make” of the ultimate studio masterpiece, The Green Fog reconstructs Vertigo’s indelible images and incidents piece-by-piece, using fragments from a variety of obscure and well-known movies and television shows—ranging from The Conversation to Basic Instinct to McMillan and Wife—set in the same Bay Area locations immortalized by Hitchcock’s film. While The Green Fog does assume a close familiarity with Vertigo (for best results, make sure to attend our screening of the recently restored version on April 19), its kitschy, dreamlike, sci-fi inflected aesthetic, complete with a pivotal Chuck Norris cameo and a hypnotic score by the Kronos Quartet, marks it as a Guy Maddin creation par excellence.

Directors Guy Maddin, Evan Johnson and Galen Johnson | 2017 | In English | 63 minutes | NR | DCP

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