The Immigrant + Safety Last!:

Silent Nights in the Noble Theater

Double Feature! 

Saturday, January 30 | 2 pm 

PLEASE NOTE: In order to ensure social distancing in the Noble Theater, tickets and seating capacity are limited. Unavailable seats and rows are marked.

All moviegoers are advised to arrive at least 10 minutes before show time. We reserve the right to deny entry after the start of the feature. 

For the safety and well-being of all of our staff and guests, we ask that you refrain from attending in-person screenings if you have a fever or are feeling ill.

Protective masks are required in the Noble Theater and throughout the Museum. They are available for purchase at the box office and in the Museum Store.

Thank you for helping our community stay safe!

The Immigrant | Charles Chaplin | 1917 | Silent with English intertitles | 30 min | NR | 16mm

The Immigrant, which contains elements of satire, irony, and romance as well as cinematic poetry, endures into the twenty-first century as a comic masterpiece. The film, Chaplin’s eleventh in the Mutual-Chaplin Specials series, is the best-constructed of his two-reel films and was Chaplin’s favorite among all his short comedies. In devising The Immigrant, Chaplin drew on his own experiences immigrating to the United States and attempted to find the humor in otherwise traumatic aspects of coming to a new land.” – Library of Congress

We’re proud to screen this silent comedy landmark on a 16mm print drawn from OKCMOA’s film collection.

Safety Last! | Fred Newmeyer & Sam Taylor | 1923 | Silent with English intertitles | 73 min | NR | DCP

“The comic genius of silent star Harold Lloyd is eternal. Chaplin is the sweet innocent, Keaton the stoic outsider, but Lloyd—the modern guy striving for success—is us. And with its torrent of perfectly executed gags and astonishing stunts, Safety Last! is the perfect introduction to him. Lloyd plays a small-town bumpkin trying to make it in the big city, who finds employment as a lowly department-store clerk. He comes up with a wild publicity stunt to draw attention to the store, resulting in an incredible feat of derring-do on his part that gets him started on the climb to success. Laugh-out-loud funny and jaw-dropping in equal measure, Safety Last! is a movie experience par excellence, anchored by a genuine legend.” – Janus Films

Screening as part of Museum Films’ series, Silent Nights: Charlie Chaplin & Harold Lloyd.

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