Vincent & Theo:

Van Gogh on the Big Screen

Thursday, July 25 | 7:30 pm

 “Robert Altman’s masterful, sensitive portrait of Vincent Van Gogh (Tim Roth) and his brother Theo (Paul Rhys), based on letters written by the painter to his art-dealer brother is a beautiful story of love and compassion between two brothers. Altman unflinchingly shows Vincent, single-minded and intense in the increasingly desperate search to capture his unique vision on canvas, despite his horrible poverty and increasing mental illness. Theo, seeing his brother’s genius—and admiring and loving him despite Vincent’s difficult personality and the strain this causes on Theo’s own life—sustains Vincent and tries to sell his work to an indifferent public. Finally, Vincent, in complete despair because of his illness, enters a sanitarium and spends several months of frenzied creative effort, producing some of his most beautiful and memorable paintings. In a deeply insightful performance Tim Roth manages to capture the essence of the creative spirit and the pain and despair of mental illness.” -Rotten Tomatoes 

35mm print courtesy of the Robert Altman Collection at the UCLA Film & Television Archive

 Director Robert Altman | 1990 | In English | 138 minutes | PG-13 | 35mm  

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