Right Now, Wrong Then

Thursday, September 1 | 5:30 & 8 pm

A well-known film director accidentally arrives in town a day before an in-person appearance. With time to kill, he visits an old palace where he makes the acquaintance of a fledgling young female artist. She doesn’t know his work, but she does know he’s famous. As day gives way to night, they talk, drink, talk some more, drink a lot more, and finally attend an extremely awkward get-together with a group of her friends. Then, after the next-day screening of his work, Hong’s film starts over, replaying the day’s events following a very subtle shift in perspective. The brilliant, Locarno-prizewinning seventeenth feature from Korean master Hong Sang-soo (In Another Country), Right Now, Wrong Then is very much a film about how stories can be told differently, even within the most rigorous of limitations—an idea that Hong’s remarkable career seems intent on seeing through to its logical conclusion.

Director Hong Sang-soo 2015 South Korea 121 minutes NR DCP

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