True Mothers:

Virtual Cinema 2021 Oscar Preview

Museum Films is partnering with Film Movement to help you get a head start on awards season with the International Oscar Entry virtual film series! Each Friday in January, OKCMOA’s virtual cinema will premiere a new official submission for the 2021 Best International Feature Oscar. 

Discounted all-access passes are available now! Watch all four films (Blizzard of Souls, My Little Sister, You Will Die at Twenty and True Mothers) in Film Movement’s International Oscar Entry virtual series for the price of three. Click here for information about purchasing an all-access pass.

Beginning January 29, we’re pleased to share Japan’s official submission for the 2021 Best International Feature Oscar, True Mothers, a touching, richly textured family story of love and adoption from award-winning writer-director Naomi Kawase. 

One $10 ticket is good for a 3-day pass to see True Mothers. 50% of each sale supports OKCMOA and its mission. Passes available January 29. 

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“A Tokyo couple undergoing infertility treatments live a settled, ordinary life. One day, they come across a TV program advertising Baby Baton, a not-for-profit association intended to match couples who cannot procreate with mothers who do not want to raise, or cannot raise, their natural children. As they watch, the couple realizes adoption could be a perfect alternative to their painful and frustrating treatment. And so Asato, an innocent child born of pure adolescent love — the kind of love made of sheer, intense beauty — is delivered into the wealthy, orderly life of his adoptive parents. Six years later, his young mother comes looking for him, having grown out of the petty, narrow-minded world she lived in when she gave birth as a teenager.

Japanese Oscar submission, True Mothers revolves around two strong central characters: Satoko (Hiromi Nagasaku), the middle-class adoptive mother, and Hikari (Aju Makita), the desperate young woman who doesn’t want to be erased from her child’s life. Naomi Kawase’s richly textured film offers a new perspective on the notion of adoption, weaving different timelines, narrative threads, and genres — from moral drama to teenage romance, social exposé, and even thriller — into a touching, sometimes unsettling, emotionally intense cinematic experience.” -TIFF

Director Naomi Kawase | 2020 | In English and Japanese with English Subtitles | 140 minutes | NR