Infinite Football:

Highlights from the Berlinale Forum

Free for OKCMOA Film Society Members

Thursday, September 13 | 5:30 & 8 pm

Director of Curatorial Affairs, Dr. Michael J. Anderson will introduce the 5:30 pm screening. 

One of the most strikingly original documentaries to debut at this year’s Berlinale Forum, the latest from Romanian New Wave master Corneliu Porumboiu (12:08 East of BucharestThe Treasure), is one part deadpan sports comedy and one part surrealist thought experiment. After fracturing his fibula in a 1987 game, former Romanian soccer star and current small-town bureaucrat Laurențiu Ginghină now dreams of radically revising his beloved sport’s rules to reduce injuries and, in turn, revolutionize it. As revealed in a series of brilliantly edited and often hilariously awkward onscreen interviews with the endlessly bemused Porumboiu, Ginghină’s plans for the future of football take on an increasingly visionary, Utopian dimension. Beneath its unadorned, deceptively simple surface, Infinite Football teems with a vast network of formal and philosophical ideas that encompass everything from the fate of Romanian communism to the limits of language and the meaning of life.

Director Corneliu Porumboiu | 2018 | In Romanian with English subtitles | 70 minutes | NR | Blu-ray 

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