President’s Blog: Buddha, Ganesha, and the Marvelous Sugar Baby

Great works of art have the power to transport us to another time and place. In particular, ancient art is imbued with the cosmological and political codes of societies long vanished, rendering—to modern eyes, at least—objects that are exotic and mysterious. The same can be true of contemporary art. If we spend time contemplating great… Read More

President’s Blog: For Those Who Serve

I’ve discovered some similarities between Monterey, California and Oklahoma City—and some surprising connections between the military and art. I have had the good fortune to live and work in two military towns—Monterey, California and, now, Oklahoma City. Monterey is a small seaside town whose economy was historically centered around fishing—initially whaling and later sardines—while our… Read More

President’s Blog: Art and Architecture

Dear OKCMOA Members and Friends: I hope you enjoy reading my new blog. In regular updates, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on art, architecture, and a variety of other topics that come my way. Thank you for reading and for your support of the Oklahoma City Museum of Art. As we move into a new… Read More