Thursday, August 9 | 8 pm 

Friday, August 10 | 5:30 pm

Andre, a teenager, lives in an industrial town in Brazil near an old aluminum factory. One day, a factory worker, Cristiano, suffers an accident. Asked to go to Cristiano’s house to pick up clothes and documents, Andre stumbles on a notebook, and it is here that Araby begins. As Andre reads from the journal entries, we are plunged into the story of Cristiano’s decade-long, country-spanning wanderings and adventures—from picking tangerines in an orchard to meeting the love of his life in a textile factory. Loosely adapted from James Joyce’s eponymous short story, Araby weaves a luminous, richly textured tapestry of stories-within-stories, songs, jokes, and letters that elevates a simple tale of one man’s life on the road into a modern-day epic. Quietly building in emotional power and political resonance, Araby is an “instant classic”—in the words of The Hollywood Reporter’s Neil Young—that “has the truly rare capacity to inspire and energize with the optimistic sense that nothing is truly impossible.”

Directors Affonso Uchôa and João Dumans | 2017 | In Portuguese with English subtitles | 97 minutes | NR | DCP 

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