Blue Velvet:

Summer of Lynch

Saturday, August 12 | 8 pm

Thursday, August 17 | 5:30 pm

In many respects the film upon which David Lynch has built his reputation, Blue Velvet is one of the darkest explorations of Middle America ever to grace the silver screen. Upon discovering a severed human ear in a field, college student Jeffrey Beaumont (Twin Peaks star Kyle MacLachlan) teams up with a police lieutenant’s high-school daughter (Inland Empire’s Laura Dern) to unravel the mystery. Their investigation leads to a beautiful nightclub singer (Isabella Rossellini) and a group of psychotic criminals, led by Dennis Hopper’s iconic, inhalant-sniffing villain, Frank Booth. One of the unassailable classics of 1980s Hollywood, the seductive and sinister Blue Velvet provides the viewer with a nightmarish glimpse into what lies on the other side of the white-picket fence.

Director David Lynch | 1986 | In English | 120 minutes | R | DCP


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