Bottle Rocket

A Very Wes Anderson Christmas

Wednesday, December 21 | 7:30 pm

Distinguished by its impeccably detailed compositions, deadpan wit, and meandering narrative, Bottle Rocket inaugurated the feature film careers of Wes Anderson, Owen Wilson, and Luke Wilson, while laying the foundation for the development of Anderson’s now iconic film style. After pulling an admirably complex—if only modestly successful—heist on a small local bookstore, aimless Anthony (Luke Wilson) and his ne’er-do-well friends Dignan (Owen Wilson) and Bob (Robert Musgrave) “go on the lam,” hiding out in a nearby motel. While Anthony pursues a low-key romance with Spanish-speaking maid, Inez, Dignan falls in with local criminal mastermind, Mr. Henry (James Caan). Co-written by Anderson and Owen Wilson, the film was partially based on their experiences as struggling roommates in Dallas and Austin. A commercial disappointment upon its initial theatrical release, Bottle Rocket ultimately made a major impact on the emerging American independent film scene. Martin Scorsese later declared it one of the ten best films of the 1990s.

Director Wes Anderson 1996 USA 91 minutes R (for language) DCP

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