Summer of Lynch

Saturday, August 12 | 5:30 pm

A midnight movie sensation that circulated for decades on coveted VHS bootlegs, David Lynch’s startlingly original feature film debut is an unshakable work of surrealist body horror and a prophetic glimpse into the inner world of one of American cinema’s great artists. Shot on a minimal budget and inspired by Lynch’s lean student years in industrial Philadelphia, Eraserhead spins a fragmented fable about a haunted young man driven to extremes by sexual longing and domestic misfortune. Boasting richly tactile black and white cinematography, expressionistic sets and performances, and the evocative sound design that has become one of Lynch’s signatures, Eraserhead was a major influence on Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining and H.R. Giger’s designs for the Alien franchise. In the 40 years since its release, Eraserhead has lost none of its power to shock, disturb, and enrapture.

Director David Lynch | 1977 | In English | 89 minutes | NR | DCP

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