Thursday, September 21 | 5:30 & 8 pm

From executive producer Wes Anderson (The Grand Budapest Hotel), Escapes chronicles the extraordinary life of Hampton Fancher, a B-list actor and flamenco dancer who became the unlikely screenwriter of Ridley Scott’s science-fiction classic, Blade Runner (and its hotly anticipated sequel, Blade Runner 2049). Divided into a series of formally distinct chapters, the film is grounded in Fancher’s vivid, effortlessly cinematic recollections of his professional and romantic misadventures on the fringes of the midcentury American entertainment industry. Masterfully matching form and content, director Michael Almereyda (Experimenter) illustrates these tall tales with a kinetic montage of photographs and archival footage in which Fancher seems to act out an alternate version of his own autobiography in the guise of cowboys, villains, and romantic heroes. Funny, engaging, and boldly experimental, Escapes is a fitting portrait of a life lived somewhere between Hollywood and reality.

Director Michael Almereyda | 2017 | In English | 89 minutes | NR | DCP

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