Eyes Wide Shut:

Christmas for Grown-Ups

Thursday, December 28 | 7:30 pm

It starts at a holiday party and ends in a toy store, but somewhere along the way Stanley Kubrick’s final masterpiece takes a decidedly unwholesome turn. In Eyes Wide Shut, William Harford (Tom Cruise), a successful New York City physician, finds his placid domestic life disrupted when his art curator wife Alice (Nicole Kidman) reveals an adulterous fantasy. Disillusioned and emboldened, William embarks on a reckless nocturnal odyssey that soon finds him out of his depth; after he crashes an opulent masked orgy, he begins receiving enigmatic threats from a shadowy secret society. Gilding every precisely composed frame with the warm familial glow of multi-colored Christmas lights, Kubrick undertakes a wry, provocative interrogation of the fragile web of habit and convention that holds families and societies together. Brilliant, beautiful, uncompromising, Eyes Wide Shut glitters like an icicle through the heart.

Director Stanley Kubrick | 1999 | In English | 159 minutes | R (for strong sexual content, nudity, language and some drug-related material) | DCP

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