L’enfant secret (The Secret Child):

The Autobiographical Cinema of Philippe Garrel

Thursday, January 4 | 8 pm

In 1979, Philippe Garrel, “the secret child” of French cinema, set off on a new artistic direction that he still is pursuing today, almost four decades later. Following the generational upheavals of the May ’68 protests; his tumultuous, decade-long relationship with singer Nico; years of drug abuse; and even shock-therapy treatment, Garrel turned toward autobiography for his most conventional film at the time of its release. ‘Conventional,’ however, is a term to be used very loosely for the once experimental filmmaker: in telling the story of a couple who fell in and out of love in murky black-and-white, Garrel’s narrative approximates nothing so much as a series of camera rushes (fragments projected together before the formal editing process occurs). Winner of the prestigious Jean Vigo prize in France, but never before seen in the United States, L’enfant secret co-stars Anne Wiazemsky (famed for her role in Au hasard Balthazar and her relationship with Jean-Luc Godard, a major influence on Garrel).

To read more from about the film and the rest of the series from the Museum’s Director of Curatorial Affairs, click here.

Director Philippe Garrel | 1979 | In French with English subtitles | 92 minutes | NR | DCP

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