Experience the Bible Like Never Before

Passages was a 14,000-square-foot interactive, multimedia exhibition for all ages. It featured some of the most exquisite and rare biblical manuscripts, printed Bibles, and historical items in the world. These cultural treasures include a Dead Sea Scroll text, ancient biblical papyri, beautifully illuminated manuscripts, early printed materials, including a portion of the Gutenberg Bible, and multiple first editions of the English Bible through the King James Version.

During the exhibition, visitors were immersed in a fascinating story that spanned over two thousand years, winding through Judeo-Christian history, from an ancient synagogue to a modern excavation site where new discoveries were being made. Over 300 of the world’s rarest artifacts were presented in highly thematic settings, which depicted significant historical periods of time and were brought to life with animatronic historical figures, creative films, and many interactive activities for both the young and old.

Each guest was provided with an iPod touch, at no additional charge, as they traveled through time with expert commentary on the artifacts by some of the world’s leading scholars. There was even a children’s listening track hosted by Louie the Lion.