One night only!

Thursday, November 2 | 7 pm

In a cramped apartment in modern-day Romania, a family gathers for a memorial service, forty days after the death of patriarch Emil. As we arrive with bickering son Lary and his wife Laura, master filmmaker Cristi Puiu’s (The Death of Mr. Lazarescu) camera separates and begins to pan from room to room, introducing us slowly to the interpersonal dynamics that describe the film’s richly sketched family. As the sharp, and sharply comedic, Sieranevada’s lengthy duration unfolds, politics, religion, and sex each become points of friendly and not-so-friendly disagreement. Meanwhile, friends, neighbors, and an Orthodox priest come and go, as Lary and the rest of the family wait for a dinner that never seems to arrive. Unfolding in a facsimile of real-time, this essential masterpiece from the Romanian New Wave was voted the “best undistributed film” of 2016 in Film Comment’s prestigious year-end poll. Museum Films is very proud to present this rare screening of a film that is still seeking a US release.

*This Museum Films special presentation will feature an introduction by OKCMOA Director of Curatorial Affairs, Michael J. Anderson, PhD.

Director Cristi Puiu | 2016 | In Romanian with English subtitles | 173 minutes | NR | DCP

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