The Square

Friday, November 17 | 5:30 & 8:30 pm

Saturday, November 18 | 5:30 & 8:30 pm

Sunday, November 19 | 2 & 5:30 pm

Friday, November 24 | 8 pm

Saturday, November 25 | 8 pm

Sunday, November 26 | 5:30 pm

In his role as Chief Curator of a renowned Swedish museum, the fashionable and well-heeled Christian (Claes Bang), in his words a “semi-public figure,” prepares his latest contemporary art installation: The Square, a four-by-four-meter zone designed to serve as a “sanctuary of trust and caring.” Christian, however, is almost immediately victimized by a pickpocketing scam, following an attempted good deed; this incident leads Christian to respond dramatically, hatching a plan with a co-worker that will achieve short-term success, and produce lingering consequences. Meanwhile, the museum hires a PR firm to promote their new exhibition—something they will do with spectacularly bad taste. Ruben Östlund’s top-prize, Palme d’Or winner at this year’s Cannes Film Festival is filled with a number of instant classic, cringe-inducing comic sequences, from an exceptionally awkward artist’s Q&A to a menacing performance-art piece that rattles a group of the museum’s wealthiest supporters. Featuring Mad Men’s Elizabeth Moss and The Wire’s Dominic West in key supporting performances, The Square sends up the overtly politically correct Swedish ethos without providing easy answers. The most ambitious film, thus far, of the Force Majeure director’s career, The Square will almost certainly rank among the year’s most memorable cinematic achievements.

Director Ruben Östlund | 2017 | In Swedish, English, and Danish with English subtitles | 142 minutes | NR | DCP

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