The Tilghman Print Collection

The Tilghman Print Collection presented a selection of 22 prints donated by Charles C. Tilghman in 1982. These prints were taken from the work of the seventeenth-century French artist Claude Lorrain. Claude was one of the foremost practitioners of classical Italian landscape painting. He created hundreds of paintings of the picturesque scenery found in the vicinity of Rome and Tivoli as well as the ancient temples and ruins around the Gulf of Naples. Later, to guard against imitations and forgeries, he created a series of 200 detailed drawings of his work in a record book called theLiber veritatis. The etchings in this exhibition were later copied from those drawings by respected printmakers, such as Richard Earlom, William Bromley I, Henry Edward Dawe, Thomas Goff Lupton, G.H. Every, John Bromley, and William Say.