Three Sisters

Marginal Geographies: Independent Masterworks from China

Sunday, September 25 | 5:30 pm

One of the signature achievements of director Wang Bing (West of the Tracks), China’s most internationally renowned contemporary documentarian, Venice prizewinner Three Sisters captures the daily struggles of three young girls, ages four to ten, who are forced to fend for themselves in a tiny rural village in China’s mountainous Yunnan province. Their days are filled with grueling tasks—whether they’re herding livestock or collecting dung—while their single father spends weeks at a time away in search of a job. Wang adopts an observational, if still deeply compassionate, approach to his childhood subjects as they fight for survival, without any hope of middle-class comforts, very far (both economically and geographically) from twenty-first-century China’s exploding urban centers.

Director Wang Bing 2012 China 153 minutes NR DCP

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